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Different flavors of PnP

Running multiple versions of PnP-PowerShell

October 16, 2018

This is by no means new news, as Chris Kent and Erwin van Hunen have already covered how to do this, but I wanted to add my personal notes as someone who already had unintentionally installed multiple versions of PowerShell,...

Become a Microsoft Teams Hall of Famer

October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams provides the toolset necessary to enable more seamless organizational communication and collaboration, our cockpit of the digital workplace At first glance, Microsoft Teams (Teams) may appear as a straightforward...

Webinar | Deliver Amazing Results with SharePoint Site Designs

October 10, 2018

We often hear of artists 'going back to their roots' for inspiration Justin Timberlake, the former NSYNC member and singer/songwriter illustrates just that with his fifth studio album, Man Of The Woods, released early this year...

Webinar Recap | Microsoft Ignite 2018

October 5, 2018

Thank you for your interest in, "One Week In Orlando: A Review of Microsoft Ignite 2018" If you were able to join us for the webinar, we sincerely thank you for being there We hope you had as much fun learning about the...

Modern Teamwork with Microsoft Teams – Ignite 2018 Update

September 28, 2018

Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft Teams and Skype Product Marketing at Microsoft, provided us with an update on Microsoft Teams’ vision for modern teamwork at Microsoft Ignite 2018 in her session, GS006 – Modern...

Ignite 2018 Keynote – Tech Intensity

September 27, 2018

Ignite 2018 officially kicked off with a visionary keynote by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella You can watch the entire keynote, which I highly recommend   The keynote itself began with an introduction by Julia White, CVP at...