7 Resolutions for SharePoint Power Users & Content Owners

  1. Resolve to curate rich content 

    A picture’s worth a thousand words. Fresh content drives adoption, and rich content proves even greater results. Come February, SharePoint will have a whole series of royalty-free stock images to use. When you can use pictures, do it. Imagery helps sell the story and further amplifies your message.  

  2. Resolve to tag your content 

    This could easily have been in the top 3 of any SharePoint resolution list for years, so if it’s still something you can improve upon, the time is now! Use tagging and metadata when adding any content to make it easier to discover by your users. 

  3. Resolve to make the most of the News components of SharePoint 

    Post and tag your announcements so that you can then you cross-post that news to help amplify the message internally. You can also use news rollups (highlighted news) to curate news posts based on tagging to ensure users get the most relevant information.   New modern features include audience targeting, post scheduling, and filtering across sites with managed meta-data.  

  4. Resolve to evolve 

    If you want to get the most out of SharePoint this year, learn something new and up your SharePoint game. Our suggestion? Make an effort to learn the basics of column formatting. In modern SharePoint, with column formatting, you can design custom formatting of columns for lists and library data views. You may want to make a list view more relevant. For example, if you have a project task list, you can clearly note when the item is due by creating a column formatter for the column due-date and making it green while in progress, yellow as it approaches the due date, and red when the task is late. While this might sound complex, you should feel comfortable doing this as a power user; it’s truly just formatting, no coding required.  

  5. Resolve to gather feedback from the frontlines 

    As a SharePoint power user or content author, you’re positioned to aid your fellow co-workers by giving them a voice. You’re on the front lines and can help uncover end-user issues and gaps, capturing valuable feedback and opportunities for improvement. Be proactive, and you can help refine SharePoint, making it better for everyone in your organization. SharePoint is such a powerful platform and one that is everchanging and improving. Do you see missed opportunities? Are there gaps? Is Governance lacking? Help your organization set standards and help promote good governance. If you have robust governance, be sure you fully understand what’s expected and be a champion,  which leads us to #6.  

  6. Resolve to be involved 

    If you’re reading this post, we don’t need to sell you on the value that SharePoint can bring to your organization. You can personally help drive adoption and increase efficiencies by being a SharePoint champion. If you’re not already one, become one. In fact, Microsoft created an Office 365 Champions Program for this very purpose.  

  7. Resolve to stay in the know 

    Attend a conference, watch news and announcements, follow blogs and thought leaders. Here are a few resources we recommend: 
    PixelMill Blog  
    Office 365 Blog  
    SharePoint Blog 
    IT Pro Today
    The Intrazone Podcast

Here’s to a promising 2020! What are your SharePoint resolutions? Did we miss a must-have on our list? Please let us know! 

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