Follow up to Click Fraud or inadvertent clicks

Google content sites are ripe for click fraud. Learn about my frustrations trying to figure out what was going on, hopefully this will help if you are experiencing Google click fraud.

Search Engine Strategies Travel – talks of July 26 / 27

I will be speaking at Search Engine Strategies Travel in Seattle on July 26 and 27. My two talks will be about getting started with pay per click, and analytics / conversion issues.

Vincent Cerf talk at Google Kirkland July 23 2007

I got the hear Vincent Cerf speak at Google Kirkland on July 23. He was also the subject of a story in the Seattle PI. Some highlights from his talk: 1. think about an entire system, not just the network, for security. Ways to improve security, anti-phishing, etc, need to be at the end […]

March 26 Update on Hillary Clinton "Vote Different"

The video is now the first one listed from Youtube in Google’s search results, and it is 12th overall in Google.,GGGL:2006-21,GGGL:en&start=10&sa=N There has been no change to the metatags or text on the page, except for the number of impressions. Yahoo site explorer now shows over 8000 links are pointing to the video.

Update on March 23 2007: Hillary Clinton and the "Vote Different" video

Update on March 23 to this original post about Google, Youtube and optimizing for video search engines. The Associated Press has a story about who created the video. Also, the video keeps getting viewed. There are now over 2.4 Million views, and over 5400 comments. Did this make a difference? Well, the “Vote Different” […]

Election 2008 and optimizing video in search engines

See new posting of March 23 for an update. ==== The 2008 presidential campaign is upon us. A news report says the candidates have to raise $250K per day in order to be “competitive.” Another element of competitiveness though is having strong grass roots support. The March 19 Seattle PI has a very interesting story […]

Keyword Tools

The recent unavailability of the Overture keywords suggestion tool at made me realize just how helpful that tool is for a quick look up of terms. Fortunately it is now back and operational. However it has always had some quirks, like combining singular and plurals, putting words into alphabetical order, and looking backwards when […]

Adventure Travel World Summit Report

Search Engines were a hot topic at the Adventure Travel World Summit, held Oct 20-21 in Seattle. I co-presented in a workshop, along with Annie Ellicot and Elizabeth Osmoleski. Several other sessions also discussed search engines in the context of online marketing. I focused on page structure and analytics. Some data I mentioned: –external […]

Six Questions to Ask When Optimizing an Existing Site

If you’re starting a search engine project for an existing site, here are six questions to ask: Have you done anything really wacky in the past that causes Google to penalize the site? This can include items on the site, and also links from poor quality sites. Is the site currently picked up? If so, […]

Which “Top 10″? – Differences for Google Between Internet Explorer and Firefox

Have you ever compared results in Google when searching nearly simultaneously with Internet Explorer and with Firefox? I recently did a search on “baltimore aquarium hours.” The 6th listing in the results using Firefox was nowhere to be found in the results in Internet Explorer. Very odd. Today I did the same search again and […]