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Thanks to PixelMill’s growing partnership with Jupiterimages, we’re now able to offer for the first time ‘Web Only’ formatted images from our AbleStock and Photos.com catalogs.

Announced in our blog, Jupiterimages, PixelMill has secured a reseller agreement with Jupiterimages to sell legally licensed images in a single-image download format. PixelMill pays all royalties, and the customer receives a Jupiterimages license to use the royalty free image under the terms of the Jupiterimages license agreement.

Today, we’ve taken this agreement one step further to offer a low-cost ‘Web Only’ version for customers who do not need a print version of the image. At prices ranging from $44.95 to $49.95, you can now have the same great quality images in a 500 x 375 pixels, 72dpi option to use solely with your Web site.

What prompted this move?

Well, in recent months we’ve received a number of positive comments from customers about offering a broader range of images in our catalog. But, we have heard many comments/questions very similar to this: “I just need it for my web site, and not for print. Is there an option to buy a version at 72dpi?”

So, we took this feedback to Jupiterimages (PixelMill has had OEM license agreements with Jupiterimages since 2004) and encouraged them to add this new format to the selection of options. Our selection of image options range up to a maximum image size in the 3600 x 2700 pixels, 300dpi range.

This development now gives customers the ability to take almost any PixelMill template, from any category, replace the image with one from our images catalog, and create a personalized site. Watch the selection grow as another 5,000 images will be added before the end of the month.

Add variety to your site with images like these:
Man holding house – A focused image for your real estate web site.

Life – A fun, ‘Sky’s the limit’ image to use for a site that needs the exciting zeel of red and blue.

Travel Agent – An blue tinted travel concept image for your travel site.

Visit our Images landing page to start browsing…

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