Webinar Recap | A Look into the Future of Communication

We hope you enjoyed, “The Future of Intelligent Communications”, also known as “Christian & Eric’s Nerdiest Adventure”. Our speakers really knocked this out of the park. Nothing finer than a couple buds talking about things they love. They really do make quite the team. I could keeping ranting but I”ll leave that to the experts.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

Our speakers kick off this webinar talking about the importance of Microsoft Teams (a theme that continues through out) and how it plays into the digital workspace. They also dive into just exactly what Intelligent Communication means (it’s okay if you had to look it up). It’s more than chat and online meetings. It really comes down to harnessing the power of intelligence. Now, when Intelligent Communications are talked about, much of the content you find online points to the efforts to move Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams. Since Microsoft started to work on Teams, the company’s mission hasn’t changed: provide a singular place for people to communicate and collaborate with others to achieve more. Christian and Eric really drive home this point in discussing how to extend the way we think about collaboration and communication. Next, they talk about another kind of future: the future of business meetings and how the infamous Microsoft Graph will affect them! With so much built-in intelligence, the Microsoft Graph will transform how content, conversations,and data are captured, classified, and surfaced. And finally, our speakers talk extensively about the Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Roadmap. What’s available now? What happens if you’re new to teams? What if you just need a hug and a juice box before you switch over? Don’t Panic! There are plenty of resources available to assist with all of this.

Need more information? Check out the session below!



For those wanting to view Christian’s slide deck, it’s available to view here.

Interested in Learning More? Join Us for February’s Webinar!

Sign up for February’s webinar “Evolving SharePoint and Office 365 Development, a New World of Opportunities” on Thursday, February 22nd at 11 AM PST.

SharePoint development has gone through four primary development models, from Full Trust to sandbox to Add-ins and now the SharePoint Framework. What is here to stay and what needs to be let go? What are the best development models for the Cloud? Is the SharePoint Add-in model still relevant?

It is time for a review of the SharePoint development tools available to us and figure out when to use what. We will rehash previous methodologies and take a look at the new tools, when to use them and how they help us build future friendly solutions and interfaces on SharePoint that our users will adopt. We will investigate the SharePoint Framework, but more importantly SharePoint REST API’s to talk to and work with SharePoint using modern web development techniques.

Session Benefits:
• Review Office 365 and SharePoint development with regards to the SharePoint Framework
• See the new techniques available to SharePoint developers
• Learn how the new tools and techniques fit into the broader SharePoint development model

While this session is geared towards those with a basic understanding of Azure Functions & Microsoft Graph, we encourage newcomers to dive right in and become a world class ‘event planner’ using this easy to write code.

Save your spot today and register here.

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