Webinar Recap | Supercharging SPFx Web Parts w/ React

We hope you enjoyed, “Supercharge Your SharePoint Framework Web Part With React”. Talk about one for the ages! Eric really lets his geek flag fly on this one, and we hope you did a little bit too. Get ready for a new sitcom coming this fall, “1 Guy, 2 Codes, and a Framework”.

Well, let me tell you ’bout my beeeeeeeest friiiiieeeend…

Every time we do one of these, I always think, “there’s no way we could fit any more information into this session”. Well Eric proved me wrong yet again! We start off by taking a good long look at React. What is it? What isn’t it? How does it compare to other popular tools like Angular? Well, we can tell you this: it’s definitely more than just a verb. Eric then moves into combining React with the SharePoint Framework and how you go about doing that. Many of us look at this process as incredibly daunting. Yes, it can be tedious, but once you combine the two, The SharePoint Framework is actually pretty cool and easy to use. It allows you to create interfaces that are very…ahem…Reactive. Eric wraps things up by looking at how to extend our SharePoint Framework web parts using React. You can move past the SharePoint Framework and create things like custom property types that also use React however, Eric doesn’t touch the SharePoint Framework extensions at this time because as he mentions, they need to get baked a little more before diving in. In this session, he focuses solely on traditional SharePoint Framework web parts.

For those wanting to view Eric’s slide deck, it’s available to view here.

Interested in Learning More? Join Us for August’s Webinar!

Don’t forget to join us for our August webinar, “TypeScript and the SharePoint Framework, Better Together” on Thursday, August 24th at 11 AM PST, featuring guest speaker Ryan Schouten – Senior SharePoint Architect for ZAACT and Microsoft Certified Trainer!

The SharePoint development world changed with the introduction of the SharePoint Framework (#SPFx). Since then we’ve been introduced to ReactJSnpmgulp, and many others. We’re excited to shine some light on another powerful tool, TypeScript. This is an exciting new area for those that are used to working with JavaScript and client-side development in SharePoint.

This session will include:

– An overview of TypeScript
– A discussion about the keys that we need to better understand and work with TypeScript
– A look at the benefits that would allow us to produce better, less buggy applications

While this session is geared towards those with a basic understanding of the SPFx and JavaScript, we encourage newcomers to dive right in and become familiar with this easily maintained first-class programming language.

Save your spot today and register here.


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It's time for our next webinar! Don't miss our first webinar of the year "The Future of Intelligent Communications"… https://t.co/xu6CTbxtG5

It's time for our next webinar! Don't miss our first webinar of the year "The Future of Intelligent Communications'… https://t.co/mx53YrFr6o