PixelMill Team Talk: Why We Love SharePoint

Happy Valentine’s day from all of us at PixelMill! In the spirit of love, we decided to go a little cheesy this year and ask our team why they love SharePoint. As a core collaboration tool for organizations all over the world, the total benefits of SharePoint always outweigh the series of unfortunate events that inevitably occur with constantly evolving technology. There are many perspectives to why our team loves SharePoint and here are just a few:

It Provides Real-Life Business Solutions

Some business professionals love SharePoint because of the end solution it provides, while others love it because it presents new challenges and opportunities to enhance and develop an already great product. The beginning of a project is sometimes the hardest part – understanding what the user needs and how those needs will be addressed while still meeting over-arching company objectives. It’s a tough job. However, for our Business Analyst, Chloe Fox, this is the best part, “I love SharePoint because of the breadth of the product. There is so much to learn and so many business use cases it can address, it would be impossible to know all of them, but it’s fun to try.”

It Requires Out-of-the-box Thinking

SharePoint is not known for having the greatest out-of-the-box UI/UX, but now as the branding of SharePoint is being recognized as more important, our Graphic Designers are encountering more ways to engage in solution-focused design that not only looks good but also provides innovative solutions for our clients. Elyssa Coquilla, our Graphic Designer, loves SharePoint because it offers, “opportunities to think through complex user experiences and the ability to provide substantial improvements to the daily lives of our clients.” Further, Kunaal Sharma, PixelMill’s Senior UI/UX Designer echoed a similar sentiment, “it pushes us to craft design solutions that provide a better foundation for users to communicate and collaborate – both of which are essential to business success.”

It’s Always Changing and Improving

Developing SharePoint is tricky. How do you deliver complex functionalities, while still maintaining the integrity of the product? It’s not easy, but when it comes to developing SharePoint there will always complex issues that need troubleshooting, and our Senior Developer, Petya Gaytanska, explained it best, “You learn something every day. You face problems and issues to resolve which rarely repeat. It is constantly changing.” More so, “The more you learn about SharePoint, the more you find its faults, yet the more you love its abilities,” said Eric Overfield, our Co-founder, and President.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whatever your role is with using SharePoint, remember why you love SharePoint, even when sometimes you question your resolve. If utilized correctly, it can offer real solutions to real business needs, push you to think beyond the obvious and expand your knowledge and skillset. Uriah Deckard, our Sales Manager, summed up his love for SharePoint perfectly, “I love SharePoint because it’s flexible to the needs of every business, regardless if our clients wants a 757 aircraft, tricycle, Employee Portal, or Communication and Collaboration Portal.” So don’t forget to show a little love to your beloved SharePoint today and think about the ways it has positively affected you.

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