Who Needs A Developer for SharePoint Provisioning

This year, the PixelMill team will be hosting several free webinars on a variety of topics, ranging from PnP Best Practices with the SharePoint Framework to new branding methodologies in SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Most the webinars will be led by our Co-founder and Microsoft MVP, Eric Overfield, on topics that you might also get to attend at conferences across the country and globally.

This month’s webinar, “Who Needs a Developer for Automated SharePoint Provisioning?” will be an intermediate level, 60-minute webinar that is targeted at a variety of audiences, including IT Pros, Developers, and Power Users.

Session Overview

The traditional method for provisioning sites and assets in Office 365 and especially SharePoint used to be through Visual Studio or Web Developers to create deployment packages, but things are changing. Now with Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP), you don’t have to use such rigid, and developer specific techniques.

In this session, Eric will show users how to leverage this toolset even if they have limited experience in Web Development. With an excellent introduction to the toolset found within PnP to provision columns, content types, list templates, list and library instances, branding, file assets, and even metadata with XML provisioning templates and Powershell, users can utilize these future-friendly provisioning methodologies in no time.

Webinar Details:

Join Eric on February 23rd at 11 am PST on GoToWebinar to attend the session. You can register here.

Also, if you know anyone who is interested in this topic be sure to pass it on via word of mouth, email, or social media (with the hashtag #PixelMillWebinars).

Please reach out to info@pixelmill.com if you have any questions! Hope to see you there!

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