The Release of General Availability of Microsoft Flow

Today, Microsoft officially announced the General Availability of Microsoft Flow, an application that can improve workplace productivity among SharePoint users. Microsoft Flow now fully integrates workflows into SharePoint Lists and eventually will, “run any flow on demand for a specific document or list item.”

What is Microsoft Flow?

As a cloud-based service, Microsoft Flow allows users to set up workflows across numerous Office 365 applications quickly, as well as integrate those workflows into other third-party sites. For instance, if you utilize Slack for informal communication and resource sharing, you can now schedule a series of workflows to trigger a notification in the Slack channel of interest. Many services can be utilized with Microsoft Flow, from Sale’s CRMs such as Salesforce to many marketing channels and social feeds, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and MailChimp. Check out all 58 services here.

Sorting Flows by Geography or Team

Environments can be used to “store flows by geography or team.” Currently, Microsoft Flow offers grouping for seven geographic locations (with more to come), including: United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, India, and Japan.

Have More Data Control with the New Microsoft Admin Center

Now, IT Administrators can stay more organized by viewing company-set workflows with the use of the Microsoft Flow Admin Center. This dashboard-like console allows Administrators to manage service categories easily. For instance, users can quickly secure what outside sources can have access to with grouping categories, such as “Business data only” and “No business data allowed.”

In addition to a better interaction and overall experience, eventually, IT Administrators will be able to view the usage of services by its organization’s flows.”  With this, many corporations can understand what future investments in third-party services and applications should be made to create a positive impact on workplace productivity.

Mobile Accessibility: Try the Workflow App

Users can also control workflows on the go, with the new Flow mobile application available for desktop, IOS, and Android. Users can receive push notifications from their department and easily stay in contact with team members. The app can be utilized to catch the latest progress on an assignment or send out alerts to trigger real-time action to keep projects moving forward.

Move Forward with Flow

Workflows will play a huge part in online communication and teamwork for many corporations utilizing SharePoint, especially those that support remote employees. With the release of General Availability for Microsoft Flow you can start customizing your own productivity stream today. Start automating your workflows!

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