SharePoint Saturday Sacramento 2012 Recap

A shout out to everyone that attended SharePoint Saturday Sacramento 2012.

I have quite a few people that I would like to thank. First, thank you to the other SPSSac organizers. This was a huge team effort that required all of us. Thank you to all of the sponsors as well, including Planet Technologies, our platinum sponsor. All of the speakers, those that drove a few minutes to those that flew thousands of miles to attend, and big thank you. Without you there would have been no content and thus no reason for the event. You were all excellent, and I received glowing feedback about all of you. Finally, thank you to every attendee that gave up spent your Saturday to learn even more SharePoint with us. The SharePoint community in the Sacramento and surrounding region is outstanding and we appreciate your participation and support.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with friends near and far as well as the chance to meet new friends. I look forward to seeing you all at other events including SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Fest, SharePoint TechCon, other SharePoint Saturday events and more.

Time for some pictures!

Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Sacramento! All of our Signs were provided by Jack Frost Design. Thank you so much for creating these.

Now aren’t those cool shirts? Free to all attendees, so if you didn’t attend, sorry, you will have to wait until next time to get your hands on these limited edition SPSSac shirts.

The line is starting to form. We came in at just under 180 lunches served, and some people left early and showed up late.

Getting ready for the Keynote. This year’s keynote was presented by Steve Monaghan, the CIO of Nevada County in California.

Steve Monaghan’s keynote, “CIO’s perspective on leveraging SharePoint as an enterprise automation platform”.

Analyze This - Calculate the Business Value of SharePoint
I did not get to enough sessions myself, I was running around too much, but I did get to sit in on a few sessions including David Samoranski’s (pictured to the right) session, “Analyze This – Calculate the Business Value of SharePoint”.

And if all of the free sessions, free food and amazing access to other SharePoint professionals wasn’t enough, how about all of the giveaways?! Congrats to the winner of our runner up grand prize of the 42″ flat-screen TV, and to our grand prize winner of the essential DVD collection, Ghostbusters 1 and 2 and the Breakfast Club!

And how else to end a full day of everything SharePoint but with a well deserved SharePint. The attendance was better than I could have hoped, we got to celebrate a birthday (Happy Birthday Benjamin and we even got an impromptu DJ!

See you all next time!

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