SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2012 Recap

I want to thank everyone that attended SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley 2012 (#SPSSV) in particular the organizers (Christian (@BuckleyPlanet), Kelley, Chris, Kenneth et al), the attendees, the speakers and the sponsors who without them we could not have had this great gathering of SharePoint Professionals to those that are just getting started with the wonderful world that is SharePoint.

Thank you to everyone that attended my SharePoint 101 session, SharePoint Branding: Change Your Look. I trust you found it educational, entertaining and well worth your time even if you already knew some of what I covered.

As promised I am making available not only my slide deck, but also the demo files that I used in demos. I will also make available my audio and visual recording of the session although I had some audio issues so I am still re-processing the sound. As soon as that is ready I will update this post with the location of the video as well that way you can review the session.

I heard from a few of you already that it was a great session (Thanks!), but it was way too fast and way too short. Yeah, I cannot disagree with you more, but I truly believe that a solid SharePoint Branding 101 course should cover all primary branding techniques including theming (even it is almost never used in production) through to completely custom Master Pages, javascript and more. This is why I will make the video available so that you can review my demos, stopping and starting them again and again. See? Using modern technology I could show you quickly many different techniques, trusting that with video and audio, you can always playback what I did until you can do it yourself.

Be on the lookout for my next sessions that I am working on now that will include many more advanced techniques, tips and tricks to Brand SharePoint. If you miss my next sessions then always check out my blog as I will post recordings here as well.

View Slide deck

Download Demonstration Files

Update: June 20, 2012
The audio and visual recording is finally available: Review Recording.

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